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Take on me, literally.   Leave a comment

This made me laugh… and do we not all need those?


Anyway, if you remember Ah-Ha’s very cool video for “Take On Me” from the 80’s, you might be similarly amused.

Source: Wil Weaton

Posted Tuesday, October 21, 2008 by Grant in Random

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How To: Win at claw machines   Leave a comment

Maybe she will hire her services. But, not for long, she’s a growing girl.

I love the not-to-be-distracted guy who carries on cleaning the glass doors.

Posted Tuesday, July 15, 2008 by Grant in Random

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I hang my flip in shame…   Leave a comment

Self-esteem workshop for non-iPhones

Posted Friday, July 11, 2008 by Grant in Random

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Imagine this dangling from your computer   1 comment

It looks like a sawed-off USB cable.

USB thumb drive made to look like a cut USB cable

But, this clever project is actually a 1GB USB thumb drive.

These kinds of projects aren’t up my alley, as it were, but the cool results of this one has me considering it.

Posted Friday, April 18, 2008 by Grant in Random

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The Interweb has everything   Leave a comment

Ever Google yourself? (Ever feel weird verbifying a noun?)

Feel free to do so and I will wait… either one, googling or verbifying.

Who knew that my alter-ego, an Aussie cricket player, had a Wikipedia page? We’re even born in the same month (but about 14 years apart.)

The things one discovers on the Interweb.

Posted Thursday, February 14, 2008 by Grant in Random

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Dog in the Snow   Leave a comment

Thanks to Bruce for this video.

(FYI: Harry Connick, Jr. sings “Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer”)

Posted Thursday, January 10, 2008 by Grant in Uncategorized

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Can’t you read the sign?   Leave a comment


I guess that advancing the numbers forward doesn’t count as a reset. That makes sense.

Kind of a weird thing to measure, though.

Posted Wednesday, January 9, 2008 by Grant in Random

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