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2010 Winter Storm
Here in south west Pennsylvania, we are digging out from the forth worst winter storm in the region. Because “the storm tracked farther north than had been anticipated,” [more] the predicted 6-12 inches of accumulation was underestimated by around seven inches. During the storm, which started late Friday afternoon, the heavy snow brought down hundreds of tree limbs, including one from our Japanese Kwanzan Cherry tree.

Along with falling tree limbs, naturally, comes downed power lines. This left a reported 130,000 customers in the region without power. This is at best inconvenient, given how dependent we are electricity and, in the winter, there is a real danger of freezing from lack of heat. Even gas furnaces, like ours, need electricity to blow the heated air.

Given the falling temperatures, we were thrilled to get an offer from our neighbors, Clif, Karen, and Ben, to camp out at their place in front of a gas fireplace. They have a nine-year-old collie, Buddy, who gets along well with Rio and Wavorly. By 5:30 yesterday evening, we—five humans and three dogs—were camped urban-style in their living room. Rio, in his cute PJs, claimed prime space directly in front of the fire and did not move. Given this experience, I think getting a vent-less, gas fireplace insert has risen to near the top of our list of get-for-the-house things.

I want to publicly thank all the Duquesne Light (pronounced, “do CANE”) technicians who, in dangerous, sub-freezing temperatures, worked long hours to restore power to 58,000 of your customers who were left without power. My wife, our two greyhounds, and I were among them. I know the process to get power restored to everyone continues.

You, the technicians, may not often hear “thank you” from customers directly. And you should. I, for one, am grateful.

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