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20/May/2006 – How’re yinz doin’?   10 comments

How’re yinz doin’?

Picture of Lydia

I love this picture of Lydia. Recently taken at dinner.

I know I owe yinz (Pittsburghese for second person plural, “you”) the next two parts of “Kaiya.” They’re coming. I have them outlined. I just need to find (or, more to the point, make) some time to write them and post them. Weekdays are packed, for the most part. Which leaves the weekends.

My parents are coming down from Toronto this weekend. Canada has a long weekend—Victoria Day is on Monday. Then, next weekend is our long weekend—Memorial Day on Monday—and Lydia and I have planned a get-away in West Virginia. (Bed & Breakfast, spa, etc. Lydia no doubt will blog about it, too.)

Thanks for taking time to read and comment on the first part. I hope all my readers are well and have a great weekend.

Posted Saturday, May 20, 2006 by Grant in Random