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I hang my flip in shame…   Leave a comment

Self-esteem workshop for non-iPhones

Posted Friday, July 11, 2008 by Grant in Random

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Imagine this dangling from your computer   1 comment

It looks like a sawed-off USB cable.

USB thumb drive made to look like a cut USB cable

But, this clever project is actually a 1GB USB thumb drive.

These kinds of projects aren’t up my alley, as it were, but the cool results of this one has me considering it.

Posted Friday, April 18, 2008 by Grant in Random

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What should we talk about?   Leave a comment

I resisted the urge to title this, “My First Post.”

For one thing, it isn’t. I have posted before, many times. I have even posted to my own blogs, several of them over the last couple years. So, this isn’t my very first post. It is, however, my first post on WordPress and my first post to this blog.

Now that we have that cleared up, I’m still not sure what to post on this occasion. How about we talk about the iPhone?

Apple Computer Incorporated (they dropped the “Computer” from the company’s name) recently announced a slick new product with a boring old name. Now, I am not a gadget freak—really, I’m not—but, I so want one.

iThis and iThat… it is getting a little tedious. I wish the marketing folks had put a tenth of the ingenuity into the product’s name as the engineers put into its design. It is really slick. Apple Matters put it this way:

Seeing the iPhone and comparing it to a current smart phone is like comparing the first amphibian that crawled from the primordial muck to Aphrodite.

The iPhone’s multiple personalities, though sublimly blended, may hurt it’s adoption. Apple is definitely marketing the device as a phone, obvious even from its weak name. But, it is also Apple’s best iPod with wide screen video. Then throw in dashboard widgets, desktop-quality Internet features—Safari, Mail (with free “push” email from Yahoo), Google Maps, and… what is this thing, anyway? A hacker’s fantasy?

Whether Apple gets the traction they are shooting for in the mobile phone (or “smart phone”) market with a $499 entry, we will need to wait and see. Further, history has shown that doing it better doesn’t equal being more popular (e.g., Mac OS vs. Windows or Beta vs. VHS). On the other hand, Apple launched iPhone off a very healthy gadget momentum in the iPod.

I can’t wait until June.

Posted Monday, January 15, 2007 by Grant in Uncategorized

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