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The album, Rio, by Duran Duran was my guilty pleasure in the mid 80’s.

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I had the cassette (remember walkmans?) and had to keep it secret from my friends. At least, I felt that I had to. We were also into classic and contemporary Rock (Zeppelin, Rush, The Police, Def Leopard, etc.)

My musical tastes are quite varied, now. Well, more varied, anyway.

Posted Thursday, August 28, 2008 by Grant in Myself

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4 responses to “Confession

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  1. What about SAGA? Still listening to them?


  2. Ohh yes—Saga is still around and they sound the same too. The guitarist actually lives in Brantford where I am. I continue to listen to Rush too,(I saw that you are a still a fan). My youngest son can play most of the songs on the guitar. Watching the video: The Lighted Stage got me all nostalgic about them again.

  3. Do you ever see Walter? I still have my Flat Top game somewhere in storage. You guys used to play Dauntless too.

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