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March 31, 2005   1 comment

I am taking a creative writing course. We have one more class next Tuesday. Here is a writing assignment that I turned in this week.

Our assignment was to “write an account of a typical day in the life of a character (can be a student, housewife, secretary, etc.) who is dealing with a conflict. Heighten the conflict by using a flashback.”

Old Wounds

Alexandra knocked back the rest of her rum and diet. The ice cubes rattled as she parked the glass on the bar. “Can I ask your opinion on something, Becky?”

“Yeah, of course.” Becky looked over at her long-time friend as she played with the stem of her wine glass. “You don’t have to ask if you can ask, silly.”

“Yeah, I know.”

The girls, with recent college life exerting its influence, had gotten an early start on winding down after work. Since it was still relatively early, the lounge was quiet. In a couple of hours it would be packed, smoky and loud.

“So, shoot. What’s up, Lexy?”

“Well, I was wondering. What do you think of Isaac?”

Rebecca’s heart skipped. Uh oh, she thought. “Isaac who?” she asked, trying to buy a couple of seconds. Please don’t say Isaac in I.T.

“Isaac in I.T. How many Isaacs do you know?”

Rebecca shrugged. Ugh! Just him. “So, what about him?”

“Whadda ya think of him?”

That he’s quite possibly the perfect guy for me, Rebecca thought as she swallowed a mouthful of chardonnay. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. Do you think he’s cute?”

Yeah! Cute and funny and smart and thoughtful and single. “I suppose, if you like nerds. Why the sudden interest in Isaac anyway?” Don’t you have enough guys panting after you as it is?

“He came by my cube a few days ago to fix some weirdness on my PC. I made chitchat and it turns out he’s really funny. So, I started to watch him a little more and he’s kinda cute, too. Don’t ya think?”

Rebecca felt her chest start to tighten. C’mon, Lexy! Leave Isaac alone. You can get any guy you want. “I thought you had your eye on Terry.”

“Yeah, well. Terry’s definitely hot,” Alexandra admitted. “But, he’s not much to talk to after three or four sentences. Besides, why can’t I have my eye on more than one guy? A girl has to keep her options open, right?”

“Options. Sure.” Must be nice to have options. Rebecca took a large gulp of wine. Becky, tell her how you feel about Isaac. Remember what happened with Nick?

Rebecca could vividly recall her nervous excitement as she hurried to Nick’s locker. Finally, she had mustered up the courage to give him a card confessing how she felt about him. Feelings she had had ever since freshman year. No one knew about her secret love for Nick, not even her best friend, Olivia.

The high school hallway was eerily silent, as the last class had let out over an hour and a half ago. Which is why Rebecca was so surprised by what she saw when she turned the corner. There were two people fixed in an ardent embrace up against the lockers. Startled, she hastily ducked into a doorway to hide.

Who were they and why, of all places, were they making out right by Nick’s locker? How was she going to deliver the card, now? She peeked out from her hiding place to get a better look at the couple. Then the realization flooded over her like a sickening tidal wave.

It was Nick and Olivia. They must have stayed after practice. Rebecca’s chest tightened. She couldn’t breathe and, for what seemed like forever, she couldn’t move. At some point, in a daze, she left the school and headed home. Somewhere, she tore the card in half and threw it away.

Rebecca set her empty glass back on the bar. Maybe she could still salvage this. “I have to say, Lexy, I’m a little surprised.”

“By what?” Alexandra seemed distracted by a guy at the end of the bar who was smiling her way.

“Well, it’s just that the nerdy I.T. guy isn’t really your type. That’s all.”

Snapping her attention back to Rebecca, Alexandra said, “Okay, Miss Smarty. So, what is my type?”

“Well, let’s see,” Rebecca looked up into the air as she recalled. “There was the drummer for that metal band, the biker with the tattoos. Who else? Oh yeah, the hairdresser with the, um, unusual piercings. Shall I go on?”

“Well, so what?” Alexandra seemed defensive. “Maybe, I want to expand my horizons. What’s wrong with that?” Alexandra was smiling back at her admirer.

“Nothing, Lexy.” Just that I am in love him and he doesn’t mean anything to you. That’s all.

“I think I’m going to ask him out,” Alexandra said, motioning to the bartender to come over.

“Who? Isaac or this guy?”

Alexandra grinned at Rebecca. “Yes.”

“That’ll be great.” Just great.

Speaking to the bartender, Alexandra said, “Send that cute guy over there another one of whatever he’s drinking.”

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