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11/Mar/2006 – Magnetic Poetry   13 comments

Magnetic Poetry

Better poetry through magnetism

Image of box that contained a magnetic poetry kit

My mother-in-law bought me a gift. A magnetic poetry kit in the flavor of haiku. Since I had the original edition magnetic poetry kit, I merged the two set together to create one giant collection of magnetically poetic words.

Image of a desk with a metal back board. small tiles of words are magnetically attached to the back board.

The back board of the desk in my little writing nook is metal. This had been a fabulous Lydia brainstorm that occurred one day while walking through Ikea. Now, as I sit and stare, I can also scan the words and see what poetry-like inspiration might come.

Haiku: hot evening outside/sing your summer symphony/happy cicadas

The haiku set had the word “cicada.” Obviously, I had to write a haiku with that word.

This makes me long for summer.

Posted Saturday, March 11, 2006 by Grant in Random