28/Jul/2007 – Borrowing Points. What’s Next?   4 comments

Borrowing Points. What’s Next?

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Day 17

by glindsay65

Does your credit card offer a points or rewards program? Mine does. Maybe yours offers Air Miles or something else.

This one works like most programs of this type: As I use my card to buy things, I accumulate points that I can then redeem for other useless crap valuable products or services. For example, I can get a Turbo-Groomer® 5.0 for 6,000 points (value, $40.) The program doesn’t cost anything, if you don’t change your spending habits because of it. It’s a kind of perquisite that the company uses to entice its customers to use their card.

Today, I visited the web site for the rewards program that my card company runs. I noticed my points balance—that Turbo-Groomer is within reach. I also noticed that I have 5,000 points under something called “available points advance”. What’s that? I wondered. Here’s the explanation:

Points Advance allows you to redeem for rewards more quickly by borrowing Membership Rewards points at no extra charge.

Now, I can borrow points? The explanation continues:

You must simply accrue enough points in your program account to satisfy this Point Advance within 12 months. If you don’t earn the points back, just pay off the remaining balance at the Purchase Points cost in effect on the date that you received the Points Advance.

It’s like credit within credit. I can accumulate points by buying things on credit, then borrow points to buy more stuff. I can pay back the points by buying yet more stuff or just wait until the charge shows up on my statement. Nice.

I’m looking at the Turbo-Groomer® 5.0 web site right now.

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4 responses to “28/Jul/2007 – Borrowing Points. What’s Next?

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  1. A Turbo-Groomer? Does it trim your nose hairs? What about those pesky ones that grow out of your ears?

    My debit card gives me points. One point per dollar spent. I was checking the rewards catalog this morning and wondering why, after accumulating so many points, they were only worth a $25.00 gift card to the local drug store chain. Still, that will cover plenty of bubble gum.

    I belong to My Points. It gives me points for clicking on emails and shopping online. Seems a much better deal since I can redeem them for Home Depot gift cards.

  2. “What about those pesky ones that grow out of your ears?”

    How do you know about those?

  3. How do I know about the ear hairs? Look at my photo. I’m Jambi, I know all and see all and, if you’re especially deserving, grant wishes.

  4. enjoyed your slide show…365 days of you…great!

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