24/Jun/2007 – Ah, Paris   5 comments

Ah, Paris

Sunset on the Panthéon

Sunset on the Panthéon
Courtesy: Bernard Laguerre

Reminiscing about our trip to Paris

I have been reminiscing about our October, 2005 trip to Paris. That was over a year and a half ago. Both Lydia and I blogged about the trip and we took lots of pictures. If you’d like to revisit our trip, too, you can follow along at these links:

The blogs are very complementary. Throughout the trip, as we each wrote in our journals our memories and observations of the day, I made sure not to read what Lydia had written. However, sometimes I would ask her questions like, “Where did we have lunch yesterday?” or “What did we do after the Louvre?” That is because my memory has become somewhat fragmented.

I am having fun reliving the experience through our blogs and pictures. You may find it interesting, as I do, that, even though we saw and heard the same things and even discussed those things with each other, we each took away our own perspective.

This slide show of Paris may not hold much appeal for you if you have never been. Then again, it may inspire you to make the trip one day.

Posted Sunday, June 24, 2007 by Grant in Random

5 responses to “24/Jun/2007 – Ah, Paris

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  1. I remember you both posting about the trip. I enjoyed all the photos and travelog.
    If you’re reminiscing, maybe it’s time for another trip there?! Bet you wouldn’t get a no from Lydia!hehehe Thanks for sharing again. Another trip down memory lane. LOL

  2. Ah, we will always have Paris.

  3. And many other places, too.

  4. Go to Italy, OK? I love living vicariously through you guys. :))))

    The slideshow is awesome.

  5. Wow! you take great photos..I’ve been to Paris several times and love it.

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