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The true story of how I met my wife

Part Six—Now What?

When the van crashed through the snow, I was still in the car, but with the door open and one foot on the ground. I was certain that the van was going to plow into us in the same way it had just done to the mound of snow. There was no time to react. I could only think, I don’t believe this.

I could see the van’s driver, face tensed in horror, arms locked on the steering wheel as he stood on the brake hoping to somehow stop the unstoppable. I braced for the collision. But, it never came.

The van stopped, somehow, without as much as tapping my car. Both the van’s driver and I got out to look at the non-collision. The bumpers had not touched, but it would have been difficult to slip a folded piece of paper between them.

The other driver began apologizing for the near hit. But by this point in the evening, with all I had been through, I didn’t have the energy to start an argument over something that almost happened. I told him not to worry. No harm done. Yeah, it’s fine. Really. We’re cool.

I filled up the tank and Veta gave me a twenty to pay for it—awfully nice of her. I paid the attendant inside again, though he gave me no sign that he recognized me as the $1.15 guy from earlier. I got back to the car, sat behind the wheel, and looked to the empty passenger seat beside me.

“Where’s Drayson?”

Veta answered, “He went across the street to get a slice of pizza.”

I scanned the other side of the street and picked out the “Pizza Pizza” shop, with Drayson just leaving it. As he crossed the street, Veta, sitting behind me, put down her window. “Hurry up,” she yelled to her brother. “We’re going.” Drayson hurried back and took his seat.

“Ah, Grant,” said Veta.


“I can’t seem get my window back up. Is there a trick to this?”

My Cavalier had power windows. As a consequence, I had a master panel of switches for the windows on the driver’s door. “Hmmm… let me try from here.” I pushed up on the button, but no movement. I tried all the other buttons. Still, the window stayed down.

It just seemed right somehow, after the evening’s ordeals, that the window motor or fuse or something else would die. I mean, how many bullets can you dodge before one grazes you? The best I could do was turn up the heat, head back toward the highway, and drop everyone off.

It was after 1:00 a.m. Monday morning when I got home, pulling into the driveway of my parents’ townhouse. The snow had finally let up. I put a garbage bag over the rear door to keep any additional snow out. The next day, or later that same day really, I dropped off the car at a dealer I knew and they fixed the window under warranty.

That, dear readers, is the true story of how I met my wife. Notice that I didn’t say “fell in love with” my wife. On this occasion, there were no sparks or racing hearts. No stringed instruments or choirs. Just lots of snow and running out of—and running for—gas.

What about the mushy lovey bits? Those came later.

< Part Five—How Long Does it Take to Freeze Solid?

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4 responses to “22/Mar/2007 – Beginnings, Part Six

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  1. :::::::::smack::::::::::::

    Get to the mushy lovey bits!

  2. Some women. I tell ya.

  3. Yeah me too, I want to mushy bits and starry nights. LOL. Hey I’m a woman, G, gotta keep the tradition going!!!

    Truly, it was a wonderful story wonderfully written. I like that pokerfaced approached you took, a style I’m rather fond when describing an ‘ordeal’ such you been through. And yes, glad, that collison did not happened … I kept thinking, of dramatic event, with Lydia and families rushing to the hospital. Thank God!

  4. You naughty man. You left your readers hanging on every word then omitted the bits we were anxiously awaiting. Oh well, we’ll be patient. It’s been a fun ride.

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