15/Feb/2007 – Winter Storm   3 comments

Winter Storm

Day 010001001

Have you ever thought about robbing a liquor store?* Not today. It’s too cold.

In the aftermath of the winter storm that moved through the U.S. mid-west and northeast, I braved the cold to scrape the ice off my car.

See the pictures on my Flickr photostream.

* Disclaimer: I don’t rob things or think about robbing things. I don’t encourage robbery.


Posted Thursday, February 15, 2007 by Grant in Random

3 responses to “15/Feb/2007 – Winter Storm

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  1. You could always be a ninja.

    I do not envy you one bit, and I *heart* winter. Living in New England is a dream of mine.


  2. Oh yes….you guys good plenty more snow than we did…I know it was bone chilling cold. On a happy thought, spring will be here soon…have a great week…friend… ;-D

  3. 🙂 looks like a burglar.

    so cold.

    but i have not seen snow for a long time.

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