25/Nov/2006 – Black Friday   2 comments

Below is a short video I shot of the crowd of (crazy) people who lined up, some as early as 7 p.m. the previous evening, for a Black Friday sale at Circuit City in Vestal, NY.

(If you have trouble, here is the link to the video.)

Obviously we were crazy enough to be there, too. But we bailed on the whole idea, once we saw the mob and the mob-like attitude of the “shoppers.”


Posted Saturday, November 25, 2006 by Grant in Random

2 responses to “25/Nov/2006 – Black Friday

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  1. I can imagine how awful it was…don’t think (well I know) I didn’t want to go anywhere near a shopping mall on that day.
    It is all so unreal…have a funtastic weekend..friend..:-)

  2. OMg ….it was the same way at the Best Buy in Destin, Florida….clear across the country from you.People were lining up early Thanksgiving night and , of course, rudeness abounded from what I heard. Glad I didnt partake of that……Glad you got the video, though. That was amazing!

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