12/Oct/2006 – You Can’t Outrun Your Shadow   7 comments

Day 000001101

Day 13 in my 365 Days project.

Have you ever wanted to run away?

If the thought has crossed your mind, where would you run to? Somewhere warm or cold; a big and busy city to disappear or an isolated and remote mountain to hide?

Who would you run away with? Your partner, your dog, yourself?

I’m not planning on running away anywhere (and certainly not without Lydia, in any case.) But, when I have mused, I think I’d pick a warm, remote spot where no one knew me and where I could just live quietly.

Hmmm… feel free to analyze that.


Posted Thursday, October 12, 2006 by Grant in Random

7 responses to “12/Oct/2006 – You Can’t Outrun Your Shadow

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  1. Run away to where things are slow. And life is not always a blur, speeding past. A place where I have time to look up at the moon as long as I want, letting my creative juices take their time to ripen and age.

    A place where my actions are not jerky. My thoughts not convoluted. My plans and goals taking shape – by my own hands, right before my own eyes. Yes, I’d like a place like that.

    Thanks for the wonderful chance to introspect on this man. Take care!

  2. running away without ur wife? uhmm that sounds like problems knocking on the door…
    And yes, i do think about running away… if i were to do it… i would need a very quiet place.. very far up in the mountains would be nice.. very cold…. with hot tea… and a couple of very good books.. that would pretty uch be it…

  3. Southeast Asia. Grab the passport and just get out of town.

  4. If i were to run away i don’t think i can do that without my husband and i would definitely wanna keep in touch with my family…so i don’t think i’m good material for a fugitive but if i must pick i would run to a mountain cottage kinda like where “Heidi” goes to live with her grandpa in the Alpes

  5. I want to take my hub dog and cat and spend an unforgetable vacation anyplace, moderately remote, for all of the upcoming holidays and through Febuary. I just need a big warm tub, a huge accessable shower stall, a fireplace, a view, snow, and plenty of good fresh food.

  6. Sometimes I think it would be nice to leave problems behind and start with a clean plate. Unfortunately problems have a way of finding you wherever you are.

    But a vacation would be nice. So, where are you taking me?

  7. Thanks for the comments. I enjoyed reading about everyone’s get away (if not run away.)

    Lyd: ooOOooo… vacation. That’s what I need! Let’s plan something. 🙂

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