13/Sep/2006 – Shootings in Montreal   5 comments

I was going to post something funny. But, now I don’t feel very humorous.


Posted Wednesday, September 13, 2006 by Grant in Random

5 responses to “13/Sep/2006 – Shootings in Montreal

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  1. yeah… been following the story for a couple of minutes back… we’re going crazy here

  2. senseless, absolutely senseless. At least the Canadian cops shot him. American cops would try to reason with the jerk. Allow someone to cause holy terror and then he’d get off scott free cause of a terrible childhood bullsh*t story. I’m sick of it, at least the guy is finished. I know that may sound cruel, but what he did was senseless. Idiotic.

  3. I have been watching off an on since yesterday. Media is so goulish. He had a MYSpace blog site with photos of himself holding guns. He was angry. Apparently had been bullied.

    So senseless and sad for everyone. Montreal police did what they had to do to stop him as he had 3 weapons. One of my daughter’s best friends is a emergency room nurse at the Montreal General Hospital, so I imagine she will have some interesting events to recount.

    Praying for the wounded, families and students who have been so tramatized by all of this.

    It will take a lot of courage to go back to classes for both students and staff.

    "Єpiѕtling ŊutΩpian"
  4. Can certainly understand why. It’s all very sad.

  5. Good Lord. That’s just crazy. 😦

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