21/Aug/2006 – Farther vs. Further   4 comments

Words and Expressions Commonly Misused

Farther. Further.



  1. at or to a greater distance or more advanced point
  2. to a greater degree or extent

I can’t read any farther tonight.



  1. Farther
  2. going or extending beyond; additional

She pursued her further education in another state.

As you can see from the definitions, the two words, as adjectives, are often interchanged. However, there is a distinction. Farther serves better for distance, further for time or quantity.

Further is also used as a sentence modifier <further, the workshop participants were scarcely optimistic — L. B. Mayhew>, but farther is not.
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary


Posted Monday, August 21, 2006 by Grant in Random

4 responses to “21/Aug/2006 – Farther vs. Further

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  1. what started all this??? lol

  2. Partly, tid bits inspired from a book called “The Elements of Style”. And partly, my interest in the subtle distinctions between words.

  3. Thank you Mister Wordsmith. Misuse of words drives me a bit batty. Perhaps your next entry should be affect/effect.

  4. i remember having a bit of trouble with those two in high school, one of the hardest things i had to do was writing… thank u!! u rock the dictionary!

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