18/Aug/2006 – Cottage Vacation, part 3   4 comments

Cottage Vacation

Part 3

Thursday, July 27, 2006

It is already Thursday afternoon and we have to leave in a few days. Today has been overcast and rainy. Plans have been altered. Still, these days of reading, writing, puzzles, and naps are just as much a part of the cottage experience as are trips to Mistassini for ice cream or to Mistouk for cheese.

Yesterday, after breakfast, we made our way to Alma with some errands to run. Our first stop en route was the bank in Saint-Coeur-de-Marie to get some cash and pay some bills. Next was Uncle Boris’s to say, “Hi” and check out his very impressive garden. Unfortunately, he didn’t see us arrive and, as we were poking around the “back forty,” he scurried off on some errand of his own. C’est la vie (that’s life) as they say.

The next whistle stop was about three hundred yards up the road at Babushka’s (Grandmother’s) house. She passed away some twenty-seven years ago and the house is now rented as two apartments. Lydia’s dad wanted to check the property to see what maintenance might be needed. Interestingly, the tenants in the first apartment, Benoit (pronounced: ben·waw´) and Heather, are Witnesses who we had met on Sunday, so we popped in on them. During our chat, I found out that Benoit, for their honeymoon, had taken Heather on a motorcycle trip from Montréal, Québec to Vancouver, British Columbia, crossing the United States. The trip took nine days. Such romance!

We couldn’t linger, however, and soon said our goodbyes. We still had not arrived in Alma, even. Our next stop was the public library to use their Internet access to check our geocache coordinates. It turned out, however, that they were spot on. This left the blame to lie elsewhere, but certainly not on our ‘caching skills. I helped Dad with his email and made sure to clear the browser’s temporary files before logging out.

As Dad and I moved to the library exit, we joined up with Lydia and her mother coming back in. They had been at the Dollar Store. Unanimous consent was that we were hungry. This had us soon walking to nearby restaurant, “Mario Tremblay,” which is owned by the local hockey legend of that name. The food, beer and service were quite good.

Several stops yet awaited us, so there was neither dillying nor dallying for us. Our trip out of Alma and back towards the cottage took us to a few more stops for food staples and, of course, beer. A beer peddler near home recommended a particular brew from Québec, La Fin du Monde (The End of the World.) We pulled into the driveway at the cottage close to four o’clock. Lydia changed into her swimsuit and headed down to the lake. I read.

After dinner, we took in a couple more episodes of “The House of Eliott” and got ready for bed. I had trouble sleeping, so I got up and wrote for a while. As I typed away, a couple of small flying insects were attracted to the light of my laptop screen and chilled out with me for a while.

This morning was slow, due to the drenching weather. I helped Dad with his laptop while others read and puttered. And, naturally, naps were had.

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Image of a fountain

Dad’s homemade fountain.


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4 responses to “18/Aug/2006 – Cottage Vacation, part 3

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  1. Can’t wait for part four!!! What a cliffhanger, just napping around! Thanks for taking us all along!

  2. u guys are having so much fun! i love it!… thanks for letting us know how eveything is going!.. come back soon with more pictures!

  3. WoW… the fountain is great… Nice idea…

  4. One actually hopes for one day of rain at the cottage for an excuse to stay inside and do insidey things, like napping. There’s never a bad day at the cottage, eh?

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