11/Aug/2006 – Cottage Vacation, part 2   3 comments

Cottage Vacation

Part 2

Image of stairs leading down to a beach

Stairs down to the beach.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We have just had breakfast and freshened up for a trip into town to pick up some supplies. Somehow, grocery shopping sounds more interesting or exotic to call it picking up supplies. As if we are on the frontier and we need to harness up the horses and wagon for the monthly excursion into the nearest town.

Monday we had saddled up to tackle some geocaches. While we didn’t have much success with finding the caches, we did get to see some interesting sites in the area. The first stop was an old mill that was powered by diverted river water. A fish ladder on the property helps spawning fish make it to their honeymoon hotel upriver.

During our hunt at the mill, a couple from the Kitchener area of Ontario, who told us they speak our language, introduced themselves. They must have spotted our Pennsylvania tag (license plate.) With bikes suspended from a rack on the trunk of their car, they were driving and biking around the lake. Tourism and especially cycle-tourism is a large draw to the area, which is why English is easier to come across here.

Defeated by our first cache, our next stop was one of the last covered bridges in the area. Basically, it sits in the middle of nowhere with no other structures to be seen and only a narrow gravel road to approach and leave. We couldn’t spot the cache here either, but, as a consolation, I snapped a shot of a robin’s eggshell. One must find the silver lining, mustn’t one?

We continued on our way to the next cache near a power station. Much, if not most, of the power generated in Québec comes from hydroelectric stations like this one. Falling water turns turbines to generate electricity.

We found no cache here, either. We abandoned the search fairly early, since the ground was uneven and hidden by long grass. The risk of a twisted or broken ankle soured us on this hide. On the bright side, I took some more pictures. Since we were 0 for 3 in geocaching, we had begun to suspect that we did not have accurate coordinates, but we would need an Internet connection to double-check them and confirm our theory.

In the meantime, to console ourselves, we stopped in Mistassini for some ice cream. This particular ice cream stand is quite popular and for good reason. It tastes too delicious! Especially on a warm day. It is actually a good thing that a 60-kilometre drive separates the cottage from this stand, or we’d be here every day. Well, I might be.

After our break, we were back on the road heading for the cottage. The two-lane highway that circumnavigates the lake is, for the most part, well maintained and the drive is scenic. After a stop to get gas, we pulled into the cottage. On the cottage’s laid-back scale of things, it was a grueling day. To put it perspective, however, I will borrow a catch phrase: A bad day at the cottage is better than a good day at work.

Feeling the need to recover, nonetheless, we took Tuesday at a much slower pace. The stormy grey skies helped us. The day’s largest project was a maze puzzle, which we had started the previous day. The puzzle picture was a maze made of about sixty stand-alone scenes or panels. Once all the scenes were complete, we had to arrange them so that the maze could be navigated from start to finish. We found it a fun and challenging diversion.

Along the way, each day, we have been grabbing an episode or two of “The House of Eliott”. Though it is obviously a “chick serial,” even the men are now hooked, but you won’t tell anyone, will you?

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3 responses to “11/Aug/2006 – Cottage Vacation, part 2

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  1. Ahhh hopefully this text is a keeper and I can post this without a glitch G. The pictures in this vacation series are breathtaking, love the rustic serene environment … and although it is summer, it all looked so cool. Now how come there is no pictures of this delicious icecream? Hmmmm you forgot … or I missed it? 😉

  2. Right. No ice cream picture. I guess we were too involved in eating it. 🙂

  3. i’ve seen the pics… they’re great… thanks for sharing!=)

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