11/Jul/2006 – Wet Kids   14 comments

Kids Playing in a Fountain

I wonder if this will work…


Shot at South Side Works, Pittsburgh, PA. Here’s a picture.

Posted Tuesday, July 11, 2006 by Grant in Random

14 responses to “11/Jul/2006 – Wet Kids

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  1. It works! Cute! They have one of them at Disney World and the kids do the same thing.

  2. Grant, it works from my side too. Of course it keeps stopping for download time. Still can hear the merry laughters … very contagious. Now , I’ve to ask you how did that? I promise to use the knowledge always with good intent 😉

  3. Yep! Worked for me! (using Firefox)

  4. hey great it works for me too….we have like one here in zamboanga philippines….hope you could come

  5. OMG, that was *adorable* and excellent quality, too! That girl in the turquoise shirt cracked me up. She was DIGGIN’ IT! LOL Thanks for sharing this, Grant! 🙂

  6. love kids cant wait to have a dozen of them.. lol

  7. Great video!

  8. Great Video!!! I agree with Kerri…that little girl was hilarious!!! Made my day!!!! 🙂

  9. Thanks, everyone, for the testing results and comments. Kids are always great subject matter.

    As to how I posted this (Kerri’s already done this):

    (1) Shoot a compelling video. (Optional.)
    (2) Go to http://video.google.com and sign in (or set up a free sccount.)
    (3) Click on Upload Video. Go through the usual routine.
    (4) Once it’s up, find the button for posting to your blog or emailing.
    (5) Copy the code (like you would do for Flickr.)
    (6) Create a blog entry, switch to html, paste, preview, and save.

    Kinda glossed over it, so feel free to ask any questions.

    — G

  10. This still makes me smile, every time I see it. What a hoot.

  11. just went to a water park the other day…

    have a great weekend!=)

  12. Yep it workded for me!! I have a smile on my face and a memory long forgotten about that has been renewed. Thanks for sharing!

  13. What fun! How is it that kids can always manage to turn anything into a reason for celebrating? Thanks for sharing.

  14. WoW!! Nice Video Grant!!! Thank you for sharing…

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