28/Feb/2006 – Why are kittens so cute?   9 comments

Image of Jasper, a too-adorable kitten.

Image lovingly ripped off from Daily Kitten.
You’re not going to turn me in, are you?

Get 100% of your recommended daily allowance of kitty cat cuteness at http://dailykitten.com/

Link discovered in Lydia’s blogroll.


Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2006 by Grant in Random

9 responses to “28/Feb/2006 – Why are kittens so cute?

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  1. Guess for the same reason babies are :-)I go there daily to get my fix LOL Though I do have just as adorable a cat

  2. I think kittens are the supermodels of the animal world. They won’t get out of bed for less than $5k or a bowl of catnip.

  3. I have personal cute kitten pictures.. stay tuned for uploads and silly kittinish stories!

    "Єpiѕtling ŊutΩpian"
  4. The real question is: How can kittens be so cute, yet so highly allergenic to certain of us? 😦

    I can’t be in a cat’s house for very long before having breathing problems (and that’s without having touched the actual cat). It’s not fair to be so cute, yet so toxic!

  5. I so agree with Lydia! Kittens, cats- in fact- all felines- are the supermodels of the animal world. I presently have two cats- Venus (14) and Don (6 months)- they are just the bomb! My cat Beauty just passed away. She was fourteen and my cat Sylvester passed away in ’95 when he was just three. But I do solemnly swear that those four cats are/were the joy of my life. I have never met a kitten or cat that wasn’t cute. It’s that ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality. It’a appearance, behavior and the way they connect with us that make then the darlings of the animal world.

  6. I love kitty cats,but I have seen a few ugly ones.Somebody dropped one off at my house and it was the ugliest cat I have ever seen.Named it scruffy!lol

  7. i wish they would stay tiny forever

  8. ha,yeah, They are really cuter than mice.
    Ps: The Mickey mouse is exceptional.


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