7/Feb/2006 – Someone Can’t Count… updated   23 comments

Someone Can’t Count

And that someone is not I.

Image of a confusing error message

Update: Ernie, a Yahoo! Web Developer, posted an acknowledgement of this issue and a promise to fix it.

So much for not listening to me.

I hope that Ernie and the rest of the Y!360° team will accept my apologies.Smiley

I’m thinking… This crow might taste better with a nice red wine reduction…

Tried to change my blast. It didn’t take. I got an error.

Read the error message (here is a bigger one) and see if you can tell me what’s wrong.

Also note the inconsistent character limit messages: “Limit 180 characters” vs. “Your blast must be under 100 characters…”

I would advise Yahoo! to fix the broken stuff on Y360° before adding new features. I would, but they wouldn’t listen.


Posted Tuesday, February 7, 2006 by Grant in Random

23 responses to “7/Feb/2006 – Someone Can’t Count… updated

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  1. Besides all that, is “uncategorized” a category?

  2. Looks like it has to do with the quote marks. I couldn’t get it take even a single double quote. Or a double single quote. (How confusing is that?)

    But it would take a backquote, and a single quote was okay.

    Is `uncategorized’ a category? is okay.
    Is ‘uncategorized’ a category? is not.
    Is `uncategorized” a category? is not.
    Is `uncategorized` a category? is okay, but looks weird.

  3. This is why users hate programmers. (I’m both.)

    BTW, thanks for the QA, Geek.

    — Grant

  4. Why doesn’t Yahoo listen to you?

  5. Yahoo does that sort of thing to me all the time

  6. Part of Yahoo’s charm, like living with a terrible two! It is like, hey lets have all the toys.

    BTW Grant, are you backdating this entry? *GRIN*

  7. Hmmm – is “uncategorized” a category?

    Let me think. Is “unknown cause of death” a cause of death?

  8. I get that all the time and it definitely doesn’t make any sense.

  9. @ Zusiqu : Because I am just one of umpteen million people using a free, take-it-or-leave-it service.

    @ Amy T: It’s just poor Quality Control, not something they are doing to you, specifically. Frankly, I develop software and some of the stuff I see on Y360 I would not have let get to QA, nevermind to Beta. Sheesh.

    @ Maayan: “Yahoo’s charms.” Nice way to put it. I think you forward dated your entry. Feb 8 5:39 am. I’m way behind. I think a cause of death can be “unknown,” but “not dead” is not a cause of death. Just like “no category” (or “uncategorzed”).

    @ Dana W: Yeah. Frustrating.

    — Grant

  10. Too funny…as frustrating as it can be sometimes you can’t help but laugh at the error messages you get!

  11. Grant, I was referring to your tittle above, 2/Feb/2006 for this particular blog entry, regarding the backdated date. Did you do that on purpose? Laugh … yes, I’ll always be ahead of you guys using Steeler’s time. Kuala Lumpur is 13 hours early.

    Your musing on *is “uncategorized” a category* is paradoxical. The word “uncategorised” in this particular context is a misnomer, which another word, like “general” could be used to replace it. Are you by any chnace been reading Bertrand Russel Grant?

    Aah btw, yahoo’s charms can wear out once the honeymoon is over.

  12. Good lord, that’s funny!

  13. We are still in ‘Beta’ and that tells it all! LOL. 😀

  14. @ Lissa: One must laugh or, otherwise, cry.

    @ Maayan: LOL… now I have a red face… Yes, I can count, but read a calendar? Not so much. I have corrected the date in the title. I am not reading Bertrand Russel. I saw a web site that had some text like, “Click here to see more from the ‘uncategorized’ category.” Uh huh.

    @ Tracy H: It is either funny or irritating, depending on how my day is going, I guess… 🙂

    @ Joy: Yes, it’s a Beta release (and apparently a perpetual one.) lol.

    [– Begin rant –]
    “Beta” is not an excuse for sloppy. This is just sloppy (and not the only example.) I would not buy a red car with a blue fender (or missing fender,) even if the salesperson did tell me it was in Beta?

    I guess this bugs me so much because I hate the lazy, slipshod, that’s-good-enough mentality that some bring to their jobs.

    Do it well or don’t do it.

    And, while Yahoo! does not make money from me directly, they do charge advertisers. It is a business for them, not a charity. Yahoo! pays their developers, so they are professionals.

    All I am asking is for them to take a little pride in their craft. Dazzle us. Wow us. C’mon, you can do it.
    [– End rant –]

    Now , back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  15. I believe “uncategorized” is a category. Doesn’t iTunes use “unclassifiable” as a genre?

    You didn’t happen to use a bazillion spaces after your proposed blast, did you? No you didn’t, why would I ask you that. Forget I asked.

  16. I say uncategorized is a category.
    Great idea for a blast.


  18. i have a friend that is 22 and the thingy says she has been a member since 1969…*gasp*…we had internet back then and no one told me!!

  19. Text can get really long once it’s translated to 1s and 0s.

  20. @ Javacat: Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

    I don’t think I can accept “Click here to see more from the ‘uncategorized’ category.” It just seems unnatural.

  21. I have gotten that before also,and How un-natural is un-natural?

  22. P.S. Does crow taste anything like chicken? LOL

  23. I had a similar problem writing a message in 360. It was long, and close to the limit, but it was less (according to the count on the page) but no matter how much I cut out, 360 complained it was too big and wouldn’t send it. Finally, I just copied the text, started a new message, and pasted the text in. 360 accepted it then.

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