19/Jan/2006 – Flashback   18 comments

Picture of myself that I snapped from our web cam back in 2000. I had just turned 35 then.

Big difference, huh?

Posted Thursday, January 19, 2006 by Grant in Random

18 responses to “19/Jan/2006 – Flashback

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  1. You are just more seasoned and experienced now. Either way, you are a very attractive man with a good mind as well. Don’t let the aging process get ya down. It has it’s beauty. 😉

  2. Very handsome! xoxox, judy

  3. You went from being a “guy” to being a “man”! Bravo! (And a handsome one at that…much, MUCH better now!)


  4. Well got the old pc working for one last round before she goes into shop lol and we all change with age my dear,if you ask me were not just getting older were getting better with age.Kinda like a fine wine.wink,wink,……..Red…….

  5. wow ………u look so differnt on each pic….like different looks……u got the small beard thing ,,,three day shave look…..then smooth ,,,koool

  6. I think the biggest change is when you lost your blue feathers. Grin. You’re just as smoochable today as the day I married you.

  7. Notice, all the chicks are commenting on this one – heh heh.

    It’s funny you would post such a comparison. I had just made a comment to my husband about aging. It was something like “when did I get ‘old’?” I wonder what I’ll be like in six years.

  8. Remember when you thought 40 was old??? I can remember at 25 not wanting to be 30 it was the defining number to me of “old” then I got past 30 (plus a few years now) and it’s not so bad…though I reserve the right to change my mind once I hit 40 🙂

  9. Yeappp time flies.. IM 41 remember when i was 18.. Ugh do we have to get old!!!!

  10. I think it’s interesting that you have almost the same expression on your face as you do in your new picture. Your eyes look happier in the new one. (Maybe you were looking at Lydia taking your picture instead of just the webcam.)

  11. Oh Melissa, there’s a funny story to the new picture. I was trying so hard to get Grant to smile, but he would have none of it. Funny how you noticed his eyes talking.

  12. sure is more depth and soul in your most recent pic .. and thats what real beauty is .. CHEERS FOR 2006 ..

  13. Thanks for the flattering comments, everyone. I kind of feel like I’m just hitting my stride.

    Melissa, Lydia’s right. I was a total grump during the shoot… I was surprised there was a usable shot in the batch.

    — Grant

  14. 5 more years to go and ur 40 and iy says “Life begins at 40s”, LOL.. Thank God uve reached living in the world with bountiful blessings for 35 years. More , more happy life comes to u in the coming years. God bless..By the way i am 45 so i am only 5 yrs. old…lol..

  15. That’s so funny Lydia. I’m like that too Grant. I hate posing for shots so every photo shoot is a grumpy one. I like taking pictures better than being a subject.

  16. Well, if I may give my 2 cents worth…I think all of you on this page are looking ‘mighty fine’ whatever your age may be 😀

  17. you look handsome, but our age snatch our look, i believe in beautiful heart

  18. Thanks for the kind comments, everyone.

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