02/Jan/2006 — Seven Things about Me   12 comments

Thanks, Sweetie… I know you are just spreading the love. (smooch)

Its[sic] a game…where you have to state on your blog….7 things that describe yourself..and then you tag(ask)….7 people on your blog list to do the same thing as well on their blog and then those people have to keep it going and invite 7 people on their list and so on…

Yet, this also has nine more things at the bottom… go figure.

Seven things to describe me:

  1. Patient
  2. 5′ 10″
  3. Generous
  4. Self-critical
  5. Witty
  6. Altruistic
  7. Reticent

My Biggest Dream: True peace and security

My Favorite Color:  #006400 

My Favorite Number: pi (Ï€)

What I love most about my life: I still have it.

My Biggest Fear: Losing a friend’s respect.

My Hero: Anyone who can retain their integrity despite this world’s corrosive influences.

My Favorite Hobbies: Reading, writing, photography, learning.

My dream car: I don’t fawn after cars, but I’d take any Chip Foose creation.

Favorite snack: Humpty Dumpty brand Party Mix

I tag:

  • Anyone who reads this and wants to play

Posted Monday, January 2, 2006 by Grant in Random

12 responses to “02/Jan/2006 — Seven Things about Me

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  1. 7 things that describe me: (LISA)
    * Clean Freak
    * Extremely Organized
    * A TRUE FRIEND if You are a friend
    * HONEST
    * Patient
    * Self – Critical!!!!
    * Loving

    My Biggest Dream: To win the Publisher Clearinghouse $10,000,000 million dollar sweepstakes!!!

    My favorite color: PINK!

    My favorite number: I have two: 3 and 30…. 3 is the day my twins were born…. 30 is the day I married the man of my dreams…. 🙂

    What I Love Most about my life…. MY Husband, Jeff, and my children, Dylan & Autumn.

    My Biggest Fear: Not being able to keep my promise to my twins to STOP smoking!!!!!!! Almost 2 days free of smoking though!!!! (God I want to kill someone though!) 🙂

    My Hero: First, my Dad, Second, my husband.

    My favorite hobbies: a date w/ my husband, playtime with my kids, SHOPPING!!!!! 🙂

    My dream car: A BMW convertible.

    Favorite Snack: OMG!!!!! ANY KIND OF POTATOE CHIPS!!!!! 🙂 Extreme weakness……!

  2. 7 things that describe me: judy
    * have a heart of gold
    * when i dress everything has to match!
    * very hard worker and dedicated
    * niave when i comes to men (i take people for there word)
    *i am an excellent mom
    * would do anything for anyone in need, even strangers
    * excellent at decorating home

    My Biggest Dream:to be stress free and not have to worry

    My favorite color: bubblegum pink

    My favorite number: 48

    What I Love Most about my life….that i have such a wonderful son

    My Biggest Fear: losing my business

    My Hero: my mom and dad and of course you grant!

    My favorite hobbies: working

    My dream car: hummer

    Favorite Snack: tons of ice cream and chocolate

  3. uh…

    Chip Foose is one sick designer dude! He rocks!

  4. BOOM! Okay Grant … for my inaugural post on one of your blogs … I will now proceed to “game the game”!

    Seven things to describe me:

    5′ 11 3/4″ (nyah, nyah, I’m taller than you!)
    Selfish, but not self-centered

    My Biggest Dream: To figure out what my dreams mean, particularly the ones that make no sense at all.

    My Favorite Color: Teal

    My Favorite Number: Six (watch your six)

    What I love most about my life: It’s a comedy that I only have to watch once.

    My Biggest Fear: That the children of the world aren’t all safe.

    My Hero: Anyone with enough courage to do without a reputation.

    My Favorite Hobbies: Watching people, Music, mastery of self and the finer aspects of massage therapy.

    My dream car: Anything that doesn’t say ‘Saturn’ on the back … even a Yugo will do.

    Favorite snack: Pittsburgh Pretzels and Pistachios

    Should anyone else on my friends list come in here and find this, not only do I deny it all, but TAG, you’re it.

  5. Grant, this is payback for you being so good about MY tag!

    Seven things to describe me:

    5′ 3″
    Bull headed

    My Biggest Dream: To not lose my eyesight (I was once partially blind and I’m an artist!)

    My Favorite Color: Don’t have one, love them all

    My Favorite Number: 11

    What I love most about my life: I’m a Christian

    My Biggest Fear: Snakes

    My Hero: My parents

    My Favorite Hobbies: Reading, blogging, art, photography

    My dream car: A Lamborgini recreated by Chip Foose…Can you imagine?

    Favorite snack: Italian Ice

    You’re welcome, Kathleen

  6. Thanks Grant and thanks to Lydia too just posted it on my blog:)

  7. Grant- 5’10”! That’s the best one yet! Why didn’t I think of that? I was struggling with a good one that didn’t seem to cranky! lol. Chip who? I’ll be clickin on that to check it out.

    I’ve updated mine on my blog.

  8. Good list!

  9. 7 things hmmmmm, Outgoing,sensual,5’3”,Compassionate,Giving,Silly,Lover of Life……My Biggest Dream: To become a Nurse…….My Fav Color: Actually I have 2, Red and Black……My Fav number: 69……What I Love Most About My Life: My Family……My Biggest Fear: Snakes……My Hero: My Dad……My Fav Hobbies: Blogging,Walking,Reading,Writing……My Dream Car: A new Saturn, Mine has seen it’s better days lol……Favorite Snack: Reese Cups……

  10. Grant, I just gotta say something else… I just noticed how insanely ginormous (as my son says) your friend’s list is getting.

  11. Thanks folks. Melissa, yes… ginormous is the word I would use, too.

    — Grant

  12. 7 Things about me:

    7 Things about me.
    Lonely, but not alone. Curious. Open hearted. Open minded. Compassionate. Hard working. Quick learner. My biggest dream is to meet the man of my dreams. My favorite color is the ultimate power color, black. Favorite number is 10. I love the fact I’m a grandmother. Fear, failure. Hero, Jesus. Hobbies, reading anything and everything! Dream car,’65 Mustang. Snack, cheesecake.

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