25/Dec/2005 – Haiku   13 comments


   Quiet restlessness
   Through the window, bare-limbed trees
   Scratching the grey sky



Posted Sunday, December 25, 2005 by Grant in Random

13 responses to “25/Dec/2005 – Haiku

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  1. Love it.

  2. Beautiful 🙂

  3. Great Haiku ! A perfect describing of ones feelings and the portraying of a winter baldness.

    Let it snow, let it snow to have a winter wonderland again!

    Have a good time at both of your parents !

  4. I like this style.
    Only several words,but bringing us broad imagination space.
    It makes me think about a kind of picture of chinese landscape.

  5. Thanks, all.

  6. This is lovely. I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday.

  7. The view from my cell, a prisoner to my own body.

  8. I must have sat in that same spot more than once, looking through a similar window. We all have. Excellent Grant. Hope you share again.

  9. intriguing and so open ended… can have one thinking for days……

  10. Wow, I like it…

  11. Nice………..

  12. It sounds peaceful I shouldn’t take anything
    nice for granted.

  13. That’s nice. 🙂

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