22/Dec/2005 – Today’s Honku   17 comments

     Today’s Honku     

See more honku here


I know you are pissed
But, I had the right of way
Retract your finger



Posted Thursday, December 22, 2005 by Grant in Random

17 responses to “22/Dec/2005 – Today’s Honku

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  1. Love it! The guy that flipped you off was likely my ex…

  2. Try it on Bush

  3. Good thing it wasn’t attached to a gun.

  4. orgy slogan? ~smirks~

  5. Haaaaaaaa!

  6. Can you say that with a Mr. Miyagi accent?

  7. I agree, it sounds like something to give to Bush.
    Merry XMas!

  8. hehe,I just can not look up “honku” in my dictionary. But from the linked website, i understand it has a close meaning to haiku,honk…
    Most of people are tired of jam. I think there is some connotation in “today’s honku”,and it is humorous.
    So glad to learn new things here.
    Thank you, Grant.

  9. ha-ha-ha-ha! Maybe it was my brother? He has a bumper sticker that says “horn broken, watch for finger…”

  10. I spy your angry face,
    With the smile of a village idiot,
    I wave an airy wave.

  11. LMAO it’s so cool!

    Merry Christmas, Grant!

  12. Thanks folks… I should write more haiku… my favorite form of poetry.

    — Grant

  13. Your haiku is taking a back seat to your eye for design, but they’re both very adept. I’m gonna steal more of your stuff and play around with it. Thanks for the lessons.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

  14. Laughed til I cried. 🙂

    Amy ("Open Up!!!!" ... okay... I'll try it.)
  15. VERY FUNNY I feel this way often LOL!!!

  16. Wow! That’s great! LOL!! 🙂

  17. My son would love this…it’s a riot! Great one!

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