02/Dec/2005 — You Know What’s Interesting?   7 comments

You Know What’s Interesting?

I asked you first.

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You just gotta check out PureVizhun‘s and pl8lunch‘s Y!360° sites.

[Update: The profile images that I originally linked to were broken because Yahoo! uses a kind of URL expiration technique to enusure that folks can’t link to the profile images for very long. No doubt this is done to save bandwidth. I have replaced the profile images with one I generated at typoGenerator and stored on Flickr.]

I was thinking about having been selected by “the committee” as an Interesting Yahoo! 360° site. I didn’t ask for it, campaign for it, or wish upon a star for it. It just happend to me and a couple dozen other people one day.

Now, as with so many other things in life, being featured has come with both an upside and a downside. Besides the increase in the volume of messages to manage and the more-than-occasional “empty profile” add request, the downside is not so bad. On the upside, I’m getting lots of feedback (all of which is deeply appreciated) and I’m interacting with more neat people, which is the intent of Yahoo! 360°, I would suggest.

I wondered along with others out there, why did my site get picked? I honestly don’t know. However, A question I ask more often is, why didn’t so-and-so’s site get picked? There are lot’s of cool sites out there in Y!360° land. These are sites where I go to get tips, get inspired and get wow’ed.

An example of a site that I feel should be featured is PureVizhun‘s. (Yikes! What did I just wish on you, Dar?) Her site is a kind of clearinghouse or portal for links to all kinds of stuff related to HTML, graphics, freebies, etc. Add to that, she is super-artistic — a quality I admire whenever I see it.

Another artist, trendsetter and all around interesting read is pl8lunch. She is very inventive and fearless in experimenting with her blog layouts. Go to her blog and check out her blog roll… ginormous.

There are lots of inventive, creative, and inspiring people out there and I think that’s so awesome. And there we have just a bit of what I find interesting.

— Grant


Posted Friday, December 2, 2005 by Grant in Random

7 responses to “02/Dec/2005 — You Know What’s Interesting?

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  1. Cool!! Thanks for the heads-up on these.

  2. Grant, yes, there are indeed so many interesting sites on Yahoo! 360° – I also do think the Yahoo! 360° team did a great job in featuring the current selection of interesting Yahoo! 360° sites. What I can conclude each selection is unique in it’s content, simplicity and clarity in it’s presentation, great communication skill and most of all they represent the everyday bloggers, albeit very very talented and inspiring. I’m certain, Yahoo! 360° team will present their next selection in future. I shall look forward to that too.

  3. I think as well they made some good choices. I enjoy Grants blog and check out his flickr quite often, JavaCats blog rocks. I admire people who can write so eloquently, which is one skill I do not possess. I enjoy Mister E’s blog as well, always informative. Only a few they picked didn’t strike my fancy but as Maayan said they do represent the everyday blogger and what they hope to get from a blog. Thank you Grant, Im so glad you find things that interest you at my blog and feel honored you posted about it. hugs

  4. @ Lisa: You’re welcome.

    @ Maayan: Good points, as usual.

    @ PureVizhun: JavaCat and Mister E are good selections, too. You’re welcome.

    — Grant

  5. Awesome sites – love them – thanks Grant!

  6. Doesn’t matter who or why you were picked Grant! I’m just so happy you were! I have made in you and your lovely wife, nice friends, and to me, that means alot!

    I’m not as fancy as you with blogging, but I really do enjoy it alot. Like you, I have met so many nice people online, with the exception of Steve. And I was sure to put him in his place! The good always outnumber the bad though!

    I’ve enjoyed your photos and your trip to Paris…you have saved me so much money!!! LOL!

    Take care and don’t feel bad, I was once chosen to be a “Neilson” family for TV. UGH!

    Hugs as usual, Kathleen

  7. @ JazzMum: You’re welcome.

    @ Kathleen: Thanks, I’m glad you are comfortable here. Saved you money, huh? Check your mail. The invoice should be there by now. 🙂

    — Grant

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