29/Nov/2005 — Add a Flickr Photo to Y!360°   14 comments

Flickr to Y!360° Integration

You asked for it.

If you have a picture on Flickr and you want to include it in your Yahoo! 360° blog, it’s pretty easy if you know HTML and only moderately painful if you don’t. Really, though, it is nothing more than a copy and paste exercise. I touched on this in my entry, “Blog Layout Tutorial.”

First, find the picture on Flickr that you want to link to. Open it to its own page and look for the “All Sizes” button along the top edge of the image. Click on that and then click on the “Small” size option. Good.

At the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll down,) you will see some code that looks like this:

Paris Vacation, Day 6

Select all that code and copy it.

Next, open up your Y!360° blog and compose an new entry. Click on “View HTML Source” below the edit window. Now, paste your copied Flickr code into the edit window and click “Post This Entry” (You might have to add some text for it to actually save.) Here is what Y!360° does to your code, which was perfectly valid as it was:

Paris Vacation, Day 6

You might not see the mangling right away so I marked the broken bits in red. The second alt atribute is freaky, but not damaging. The shredded href in the a (anchor,) however, is fatal. The URL is no longer valid and, though the image loads and looks okay, the link won’t work.

You’ll be happy to learn that the workaround is pretty simple. After you paste the Flickr code—which, I say again, is already perfectly fine, even though Y!360° messes it up—into the edit box, make one change. Move the title attribute up to the front of the a tag, like so:

Paris Vacation, Day 6

Y!360° will not mangle the href attribute (although the redundant alt attribute still appears for some reason.) Now, the image will load and the link will work.


Posted Tuesday, November 29, 2005 by Grant in Random

14 responses to “29/Nov/2005 — Add a Flickr Photo to Y!360°

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  1. Cool!! Thank you Grant!! This will help greatly!!!! Thank you also for your prior post on tables. I was able to test it out and play with it some in two of my posts so far and it worked beautifully…except I didn’t move the title attribute in my pictures up to the front of the a tag like you describe here…still learning and remembering how to code from years ago… coding is not like getting back on a bike!! If you don’t do it all the time, you forget!

  2. @ MMMMary: True and add to that that Y!360 messes up perfectly good code (did I mention that.) Not only do you have to know HTML, you have to know what HTML Y!360’s finicky appitite will accept.


    — Grant

  3. mary and grant you both do a great job of creating eye catching and interesting blogs…….i’ll keep mine simplistic cause it matches my brain lol no need to exceed my brains limits lol besides……..simple works for me. Anyhow thought I’d say hello. been a bit! well done grant………..and btw….(from another blog) what’s wrong with supertramp??????? lol

  4. @ Angela S: Thanks… I don’t know. What’s wrong with Supertramp? I hope nothing, ’cause I like ’em.

  5. As A follow up to my entry:

    I like to edit the title attribute to say something like, “Link to a larger version in my Flickr photostream” rather than “Photo Sharing”. I like the title to describe where the link will take the user.

    Also, I like to add a border=”0″ attribute in the img tag, just in front of the width attribute. (Y!360 overrides the border on images anyway, but if that behavior changes, I’d like to control the border.)

    — Grant

  6. 2 questions: 1) why are you so damn popular? and 2) how did u get a different background colour on your entry than on your blog background itself?

  7. @ butterfly: 2 answers: 1) I put out and 2) see my “Blog Post Tutorial” for the details, but the short answer is setting the bgcolor attribute in the td (table cell) tag.

    — Grant

  8. I did it, I did it! (Re: the “Movies” entry on my blog) 🙂

    P.S. I don’t care if you put out or not. 😛

  9. @ Geek: Nice. I like the alternating panels, image and text. Seemed to overflow on my narrow 1024×768 screen, though… maybe using the small image size would help. I can send a screen shot, if you’d like.

    — Grant

  10. KJ,

    I had to post here because you have your message security settings are set too high for me to reply, I can’t post comments to (or even see) your blog and you left me no return email address.

    Yet, I still wanted to reply.

    Are the Flickr images you are trying to link to yours? If not, you won’t get the HTML code to copy. You will need to do it manually. Let me know if you need help.

    Flickr has a feature to allow viewers to “blog this” image, but it doesn’t work with Y!360 and the photo owner can restrict its use.

    — Grant

    —– The One Who Got Away wrote:

    Blogging Flickr Photos

    Hi Grant,

    I’m reading your tutorial about blogging photos from Flickr, but the photos I’ve looked at don’t have a code for them when I click on “small size”. (Or any size for that matter.) Is this something I can look for on the source view? Why do you suppose there’s no code?

    Thanks, I like reading your blogs. Very informative!


  11. Hi ya Grant, I like what you do with your pages,Rather you put out or not.

  12. I hope after all this Chemo, and current drug regiment, we can cover the technical parts again. At current however the simplest things seem to be a challenge. I would love to be able to change my blog page, to fit me a little better. I am how ever thankful to have what I do and to still be here to enjoy life.

  13. Excellent post!!!

  14. @ Red: Thanks.

    @ Mr Fix-it: Focus your energy on getting better. The HTML stuff will be here when you’re ready.

    @ EmilYang: Why, thank you.

    — Grant

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