24/Nov/2005 — Blasts and Feeds   20 comments

My Blast

My blast, which will change [Update: has changed] when I think of a better one… well okay, a different one, is a quote from a song, “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp. (Somebody out there got it… thank you!) I heard it in the car the other day and, as I was embarrassing myself by singing along (oh, and you don’t?) I thought the lyric would make a good blast.

Having gotten so much attention recently because of appearing on “Interesting Pages on Yahoo! 360°,” the line resonated with me. A lot more people have become interested in my blog, my thoughts, or my bird (which isn’t mine, remember) but I am still just me. I’m the same guy I was before the Yahoo spotlight found me. I’m just a sinner, who would want my autograph?

If I haven’t said it yet today, I am totally impressed, astounded, and in awe of all your compliments and kudos. By the way, there are no autographs… sorry.

My Feeds

The views expressed in my feeds are those of the respective authors. On occasion, both you and I will disagree with those views. I like Ned’s blog, because he is a computer geek and he keeps his eyes out for unusual stuff. Of course, since it’s his blog, he can post whatever he wants, personal or political or whatever. If you like his stuff or disagree with him, he accepts comments on his blog.

By the way, he doesn’t know me, so telling him I sent you won’t carry any weight… sorry, again.

I hope that, whatever you did today, you had fun and were safe doing it.


— Grant


Posted Thursday, November 24, 2005 by Grant in Random

20 responses to “24/Nov/2005 — Blasts and Feeds

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  1. As Andy Warhol once said about having your fifteen minutes of fame, I guess this blog was yours! Enjoy it. I mean, it’s not like your Tom Selleck! Hope your day was happy!

  2. @ Kathleen: The Andy Warhol museum is just down the road from us. Did you know he was from Pittsburgh? I’m over a week of my “fifteen minutes,” but it has been (mostly) fun meeting a bunch of new people. Not Tom Selleck, huh. Good thing, too, since he hasn’t done anything since “3 men and a baby.”

    (I know you’re just teasing.)

    — Grant

  3. First time here. Caught you on the spotlight. I am still trying to figure this whole 360 thing out and how to use it. Nuttin much else to say. Happy Blogging.

  4. So you don’t have a blue bird!.. humm.. makes me think about that blue bird of happiness that used to fly up people’s noses. yikes.. now all the songs that have birds in them are flapping at me!.. Ann Murry!!..OMG..

    No autographs.. lets do breakfast!

    "Єpiѕtling ŊutΩpian"
  5. So tell me Grant…how did you get the attention of Yahoo? I’m jealous. 😉 BTW, GREAT page. I’m loving it. Especially the techie stuff. And, what’s wrong with watching paint dry? LOL

  6. So tell me Grant…how did you get the attention of Yahoo? I’m jealous. 😉

  7. As one whose blog was also found “interesting” and now has a mailbox filled with “how can I be interesting” mail. I identify with this quote:
    “Before we set our hearts too much upon anything, let us examine how happy those are who already possess it.”
    Francois de La Rochefoucauld

  8. @ Oops: “Snowbird”… now that’s going through my head. Do you mean “Breakfast in America”

    @ CMIrving: Hmmm… jealous… don’t be. While I have met some great folks because of it, it has its drawbacks, too. It was all Yahoo’s doing. I didn’t put in for it or enter a contest. It just happened… and they didn’t even tell me. I just started getting all these messages and add requests.

    @Amy T: True.

  9. You’re a smart ass, I like that. May I add you as a contact?

  10. @ Marna: And you have a smart ass. Thanks for sharing.

    — Grant

  11. how smart does an arse need to be?..

    OK.. I can do Brunch .. whatever!!

    "Єpiѕtling ŊutΩpian"
  12. Grant I hope you accept this Buckeyes request to add you as a friend. The tech stuff was pretty well over my head BUT I would like to learn. Seems real interesting. Well, take care and stay warm.

  13. I like it…creative too!

  14. @ Oops: “Smart” as in eye-catching… although, I have a hunch that the pin-up may not be Marna herself.

    @ Sarahmoonbeam: Learning is the best part of living… and chocolate… learning and chocolate… and maybe some other things, too. But learning and chocolate are in the top 5, for sure.

    @ Kim: Merci

    — Grant

  15. Hi. How are you? You said that you were just a sinner, who would want your autograph? Well Jesus would, because he Loves you vey much. So why dont you give him a chance to change your sinner status. Hope you have a wonderful day. Smile

  16. @ Starr: I’m fine, thanks. I appreciate you passing on a positive message.

    — Grant

  17. Im one of the many that stopped by to gaze at your Stardom. I enjoyed the blog, quite witty. Take care. Sassy

  18. @ Sassy: Thanks for reading and taking time to comment.

    — Grant

  19. love your page…i really enjoyed serfing aroung on it….have a wonderful weekend….what ever you may be doing

  20. @ Mary: Thanks. You, too.

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