22/Nov/2005 — Ping “The Crew”   7 comments

The Crew wrote:

How did u put the photstream

i have made a flickr account how can i add it to my blog?

Good question. In fact, I have been meaning to post a “How To” on that very subject. This will be tonight’s project. Stay tuned.

BTW, I replied here (1) since others may be wondering the same thing and (2) I could not reply to the message.

— Grant


Posted Tuesday, November 22, 2005 by Grant in Random

7 responses to “22/Nov/2005 — Ping “The Crew”

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  1. Well Grant, I already got the acount 😉 So what is next?
    (Fingers tapping …. ).

  2. ~ eyes rolling ~

    And how much are you paying for my FREE technical support?


    — G

  3. Very tempting thought indeed;
    To take Mac Da Bird touring the many lioness’s dens in my camp 😉

    How we start with Kuala Lumpur never seen before, as downpayment?

  4. Can I have your autograph??? Mr. Celeb. lol jk Thanks for the laugh or two I got from reading your blog…. Gave me something to do since sleeping obviously isn’t in the cards tonight. & that is a pretty bird… even if it isn’t yours and his name escapes ya. I have a Chattering Lory…. those are beautiful birds too. Take Care & God Bless!

  5. each moment could be anew life

  6. @ divie: Glad to be a diversion for you.

    @ hosam q: Sounded deep, but you lost me.

    — Grant

  7. Sounds nice

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