21/Nov/2005 — More “Me” Stuff   43 comments

More “me” stuff

So, how’s it going with you?

Screen shot of a blank Yahoo 360 profile

Would you accept a connection request from someone with this profile?

Howdy, all you Y!360° guys and gals.

What’s going on with me? Why, I’m tickled you asked. Let’s take a little look-see.

Are my fifteen minutes up, yet?

Celebrity, such as it is, is not going to my head, I assure you. What’s this? No no, I ordered a low-fat, soy, decafe latte. This has dairy. Take it back and get it right this time!

Ha, just kidding… I love dairy.

“I Love Your Bird”

Isn’t he a great mascot? He’s a Hyacinth Macaw, but I don’t own him, only his picture. He lives at the National Aviary, in Pittsburgh’s beautiful North Side and he posed for me during a fund-raising event called “A Night in the Tropics.” He has a name, but do you think I could remember it?

Nope, got nothing.

Maybe Lydia can recall. [Update: Yep, she got it. His name is BONITO. Now, we can all get some sleep.]

To Be In Paris

If you read my blog entries about Paris, it might sound like I am writing from there… Yeah, I wish!

Lydia and I visited Paris from the 14th through the 24th of October this year. We are back home now and I am just way too slow transcribing my hand-written travel journal into legible, coherent blog food.

“Progress, not perfection,” as they say. I promise to keep at it.

I’m Not Ignoring You

Did you send me a message and I never replied? Here’s why. You have your message settings tuned to not allow me to reply (likely, since we are not connected.) Here’re some options to consider:

  • Open up your message settings to allow any 360 user to send messages.
  • Send an “Add” invitation. If I see that, I’ll accept the invitation (most likely) and then reply to your message.
  • Include a reply email address in your message.
  • Accept that I won’t be able to reply to you.

I read (and try to reply to) all my messages.

I will not connect to blank profiles.

Folks who are into stuff that weirds me out, may not get replies. (And they shouldn’t take that personally. It’s not a judgment of them as people. We just don’t share the same tastes and that’s totally cool, right?)

Other than that, be good, eat your veggies, call your mom/ dad/ brother/ sister/ son/ daughter/ cousin/ best friend, and smile.

— Grant


Posted Monday, November 21, 2005 by Grant in Random

43 responses to “21/Nov/2005 — More “Me” Stuff

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  1. Is it a terrible thing that I want to hear about the stuff that “weirds you out”?

  2. Javacat, you sound like a student of human nature.

  3. Wow, you’re such a popular guy!! And…um…I would also like to hear about the weirding out stuff. I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

  4. Lisalis, hmmm… I’m not sure I’ll post a “Grant’s Catalogue of the Weird” here, but I’m thrilled that anyone’s even the slightest bit interested.

    And, I guess it’s nothing that you are interested in, since we’re connected. ^_^

    — Grant

  5. Well, I’m very happy that I made the cut, but kinda pouting about being denied the weird catalogue. It would be interesting reading, I’m sure. I’m sure you have lots of stories to tell of what you’ve seen. btw…I try keep all of my weirdness safely stuffed away in the closet out of view. 😉

  6. Lisalis,

    I think a far more interesting catalogue, but alas, another one that will never apprear here, would be: “Stuff About Grant that Will Weird You Out”

    Huh? Eh? Wouldn’t it?

    — Grant

  7. “Grant your not telling the truth . I am weird-o …and you accepted me . And I know you wont regret it. BY the way any typos you see are due to nosleepitis and I WILL NOT HOLD MYSELF RESOPONSIBLE.

  8. I think the bird’s name is Mac. But I could be wrong. Will check when I next visit the Aviary.

  9. Okay, I’m envisioning a leather-bound two-volume set: “Grant’s Catalogue of the Weird” and “Stuff About Grant that Will Weird You Out.” It would make an excellent Christmas gift for that difficult-to-buy-for person on your list.

  10. @ stephanie j: Being a weirdo and weirding me out are two very different things. I mean, I’m a weirdo, too.

    So, I did tell the truth. :p

    @ Lydia L: Mac, huh? Could be. Since I have no clue at all, I’d say, let’s use Mac until we learn differently.

    — Grant

  11. @ Lisalis: “Leather-bound”. I wonder if that entry would appear in one of the volumes (or both.)

    — Grant

  12. lol…silk scarves are much nicer, but let’s not go there.

  13. Grant,
    You complimented me that I’m not weird. Wow! And I’m an artist…you know how strange they can get!
    I enjoy reading you blog so much. I don’t know how you keep up with all the friends!
    I never expect a reply. I’m happy if I get one though!


  14. @ Lisalis: Good call.

    @ Kathleen: Weird is good (out of the ordinary, thought-provoking, interesting, out there.) Weirding me out isn’t (creepy, spooky, stalker.)


    Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    — Grant

  15. well for the record………not that you all really give a rip BUT……….I’m not weird…………just a little over a little out of the ordinary.*smiles* As far as the leather I would have to agree with Lisa……scarves *winks* oh wait we weren’t going there. I also agree with her that a blog including what weirds you out would be great…..but I won’t hold my breath. Have a good one!

  16. I have been fortunate to encounter your blog while browsing my 360, hmmm, I believe I found yours “in the spotlight?”….and I must say I find your blog posts very interesting and enertaining…

    I can’t say that I would particularly want to know what things “weird you out”…so, I hope that you can live with that…LOL…I rather enjoy the normal aspects of people’s lives…I often find those tend to be as “abnormal” as mine…It’s great to know I’m in good company….

    Have a great day….:-)

  17. I found your blog in the “interesting blog section” and it appears to be every interesting. I have enjoyed reading it. Since you said you have had a problem with replies, my yahoo email/id is short_cake1978.

    Have a wonderful day!

  18. @ Angela S: Even though you are not weird, you’re still welcome here… lol

    @ Claudia: Abnormal? Here? I hope so.

    @ Myndi: Thanks for the comment. Glad you found it worth your time.

    — Grant

  19. This is all very weird…

    PS..I had an issue sending messages because I had too many saved…deleting them helped!

  20. ARH! I share your pain! You don’t know how many people Email me with a friend invite with a blank page or adult content!

  21. @ PizzaBabe: Thanks… good tip.

    @ Alex Morganis: To me it’s like a stranger who knocks on your door and wants you to let them in without even a “hello.”

    — Grant

  22. Grant,you must be ready for more.You are now a world citizen.Don’t be weird out.

  23. @ Olufemi Bee: “A world citizen,” what a wonderful thing to call me! Thanks.

    — Grant

  24. waxin’ your modem…there has to be a room for that….many out here waxin’ something..that is for sure…I like the techno stuff….I can’t keep up, but enjoy learning a little more about it…and no need for personal replies….just want to read your stuff. Thanks!!

  25. I’m just curious… with all this celeb-notority, how big is your friends list now? It’s ok if you feel that is to personal… ;~)

    I also wanted to thank you again. I attended another “Grant’s Blogging 101” courses.

  26. leave it to me not to spell check notoriety

  27. This is called, “how many times can I post a stupid comment?” The answer is three. I answered my own question Grant. Thanks…. I AM a dork… (uh-huh, it’s called clicking on the right thing…)

    I thought about requesting “friend status” but wow, I think you are overflowing… I’ve been lurking around your blog. Learning stuff here and there. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. And this time, I did use spell check.

    I’m really not this thick… but it’s finals and I’m in a learning coma!

  28. ^_^,reading the comments above is a pleasant thing. i think it it help much me to improve my english. surely, sharing is the most important.

  29. @ Kim: I know you didn’t need a personal reply, but you got one anyway. Ha ha. I know. It wasn’t much of a reply, though.

    @ Melissa: I don’t charge for stupid comments, so you’re good. I added you, so there. 😛

    @ johnwa: They say that English is a difficult language to learn. (Harder than Mandarin? I doubt it.) If reading my blog helps, then drop by anytime.

    — Grant

  30. All I can say is “Wow”! Talk about conversations! I don’t know how you keep up with it all. I just discovered Yahoo 360. Sad, I know, but I’m a busy college student. However, since we have a three week break, I may be temporarily addicted to the internet.

  31. Mandarin is my mother tongue,so i never feel difficult to learn. it is natural. While lerning english takes me much time and sprite to remember the words, write essays. But there are still some obstacles for me to communicate with foreign friends.Maybe it is culture gap between the west and east. no pains no gain, and i will try my best,including your or others blog. ^_^

  32. lol- ok… thanks! I guess that means now you’ll be flooded w/ stupid comments!

  33. Sometimes, a blank profile just means a person is new to this place and hasn’t figured it all out yet. Most of us have filled out profiles …at Yahoo, where we all started before 360 came along. I personally have never made a blank profile one of the criteria for refusing a person entry into my life. I usually give everyone a chance to show me who they are in some other way before I turn them down. And before you split hairs or try to corner me on this one, yes, I have the same approach for people who come knocking on my door without “hello”. Also for strange people on the street, at the bus stop, cutting thru my backyard, and even sending me a friend invite in 360. I don’t look at profiles – one look at mine will tell you why. I look at their blog, their photos, and their other contacts, but if they have none of those either, its of little consequence. A person’s true worth is not revealed in the things they carefully choose to reveal in profiles and blogs, so much as their interactions with others. You can hardly claim a real interaction occurs with “Friend Invite” and “Rejection”. In real life, I’ve gotten a lot further by acting on the premise that everyone has a story, and everyone has a reason for being the way they are. Knowing that story, that reason, is the guide for acceptance or rejection of advances of friendship, not whether they live in the right city, have the right income, wear the right clothes, know the right language, and are the right age, but knowing why they asked for friendship in the first place. I don’t mean to imply that there is anything “wrong” with rejecting people because they haven’t filled out their profiles…yet. I mean to suggest that it may be hasty, erroneous, and needlessly self-limiting to categorically refuse to get acquainted with a person because he or she didn’t fill out their profile with all those essentially superficial and irrelevant factoids befor deciding that you might make a good friend. I also mean to suggest that knowing all those factoids about a person doesn’t make them any more acceptable as a friend than someone about whom you know nothing. I’d rather spend the time learning more about a person in the informal setting of conversation of one type or another, than read fifteen profiles, which are often carefully designed to reveal only that which the person thinks is safe to reveal and conducive to connecting, and may conceal a great many things that are far more relevant to “friendship”. I know too many people with all the “right stuff” in their profiles, who are total jerks and more trouble to know than delete. It really isn’t like accepting a friend invite is giving them the key to your house, the combination to your safe deposit box, or even inviting them to peek at your hard drive with sophisticated hacking programs. In fact, its more like sitting on your front porch with a stranger who doesn’t know how to say “hello” but wants to offer a hand in friendship anyway. Do you slam doors in the faces of deaf mutes, foreigners and naturally taciturn people, when they hold out a hand and smile? I bet you don’t. I know I don’t.
    Just a diferent perspective, since you asked…”Would you accept a connection request from someone with this profile?”. Yes, I would.

  34. @ Britt: I don’t think you can be addicted to anything only temporarily, but I hope you have fun with your break.

    @ johnwa: All I can say is that your English is way better than my Mandarin.

    @ Melissa: I haven’t read any stupid comments, yet.

    @ Lisa Lizard: Thanks for feeling free to express your different point of view. As I said before, I welcome dissent here.

    — Grant

  35. Grant- I’ll just have to try harder.

    Lisa—- I’m all about perspectives… here’s mine… You make a point of not figuring out 360 yet… I’m still doing that myself. In the case of some of my friends, they just don’t feel like it. One on my (very small) list doesn’t have a profile and has no intention of ever posting. (I even post things about her, names excluded, and instead of putting a comment about it on my blog, she’ll email me and I’ll post any corrections, etc…) And another friend that reads my blog has nothing on 360. Both of these women are wonderful friends that I’ve had in my life for years.

    Just another thought…. I tend to reveal more on my blog than I do to certain people in my family… so anyone reading it probably knows me a little better, than say, my mother does. Not that she couldn’t find my blog if she wanted to, but- she’s not that net-savy. (that’s not an invite ma!)

    I’ve turned down people with profiles… ex: Some guy in an erotic pose (EWWWW) that only had females on his friends list… hmmmm, what did THAT guy want?!?! I think it’s all in how we approach it. Yep, there are “fakies” out there… that happens in the real world, and online. I tend to think erotic-pose-guy is the his real personality, and not whatever he pretends to be in daily life. Me? I hope I’m real “enough” in both places. Yeah, I may be a little more open in my blog than say if I knew certain people read it, but, I curb myself in their physical presence as well. Just one of those things.

    I do pull myself a little bit in my blog. I don’t use names of friends in real life, unless I get permission, and I do not post pictures of my son. Other than that… it’s all me on there… It’s boring stuff, sometimes I rant.. (uh- like now?) but that’s who I am. My point is, not all of us are concealers online… some of us save that for the “real world.”

  36. Ok new to this 360 stuff. Everything you see on my page is me. I don’t post things that I don’t want certain people to see. I haven’t read any stupid comments yet. I don’t exploit people at all. Just a few things to add to this blog comment. Who knows!!

  37. ok, abnormal i am… wierding people out, not usually…(at least i hope not…) but hey, you added me, so i guess i made the cut. (by the way, “catalogue of the wierd” could be a good name for a song… just a thought)
    great blog btw, i found you on the interesting blog section, and they were right.

  38. hi, im rachel and and i am a not so serious music-i-tion.(yea i say it lik that 2oo) I pay Bari-say and.. wow there isnt ranything else more intresr\ting ’bout me…

  39. Hi There! I am Lisa, my blog is public & Im not wanting to pry into the wierding thing ROFL!!! Just into my dogs, the genetic mess of the whole breeding thing & meeting some folks!!

  40. hy you are good no won is better!!!

  41. Very insteresting site group. love always, Fr: Walter, Jr. and Deborah, La. http://firstthings1st.com

  42. by seeing your page this tells me yahoo 360 is a place to share interests

  43. I totaly agree about the ones that have no page. I mean the message even says I HAVE MADE MY OWN PAGE.. go there and nothing… talk to a few of them>>> FREAKS lol
    NOT like you Grant…. and I am so happy your face is not longer just a bird pic lol your much better looking

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