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Tip: If you leave me a message and would like a reply, make sure that your settings allow messages or, alternatively, leave your email address in the message. There have been a few folks to whom I could not respond for this reason. I’m not being rude and ignoring you. It’s just that you haven’t given me any way to reply.

featured on Yahoo
brings new friends to 360
what’s expected now?

Hey, it’s just me.

Despite Yahoo’s opinion that this site (blog, what have you) is “interesting,” I can’t promise that you will think so, too. I’m flattered, though, that you at least are taking a look.

If you do find this place interesting and want to connect up with me in the Y!360° way, keep some things in mind. Fill out your profile a little before you make the invitation. You don’t have to get too personal, but a little basic information will help me know to whom I’m connecting. I am pretty tolerant, but I won’t connect either to blank profiles or to ones that make me feel uncomfortable.

A bit about this site

I am trying my hand at writing and photography. I have much to learn and you pros out there may see my efforts as amateurish. That’s okay. I’d love to learn from your experience. If you offer a constructive suggestion for improving my stuff, I will thank you for it.

I write honestly. I am open, but not without secrets. I keep some opinions to myself, yet, what I write is sincere. My writing reflects what I feel, what I believe, and what I think at the time I write it. It is my opinion, my point of view. You may disagree with what I write. In fact, I hope some of you do.

I welcome dissent here. However, if you wish to express that disagreement on my blog, please do so with respect for others who have commented and for me. Simply express yourself with the respect that you would wish extended to you. Inflammatory, rude, or violent posts will be deleted without explanation.

And if you agree with me, like what I’ve written, or think I’m the tops, well don’t keep that to yourself. I can handle a little ego-stroking now and then, too.

Welcome and thanks,

— Grant


Posted Saturday, November 19, 2005 by Grant in Random

38 responses to “19/Nov/2005 — It’s Just Me

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  1. hey Grant, thanks for the tour of Paris. It’s one of my favorite places (although I’ve never been there).

    Richard James, the artguy123

  2. @ ArtGuy123: You’re welcome, Richard. I’ll be posting more. I promise.


    — Grant

  3. You did a SMASHING job on designing your pages!!! I can DEFINITELY see why you have been featured!

  4. @ Jewish Mutha: Why, thank you.

  5. Your page is really interesting. You seem to be handling the yahoo fame well. I was also featured and after a short “they picked me” honeymoon, I am wondering how to handle the onslaught of lookers, commentators, and nay-sayers. I may steal a few bits of wisdom from your posting and allow only people with good profiles.

  6. I am glad yahoo directed me here. I find your posts from your travels quite exciting. Plus, the way you compose/arrange your blogs have given me ideas on how to make mine more interesting. I hope you dont mind if I borrow some of your layout design….
    Keep up the good work and good luck with the photography, and alas…enjoy your adventures!!

  7. @ Amy T: Thanks for sharing your experience with this… nice to have some insight from someone who has been there. If my “wisdom” helps in any way, feel free to make use of it.

    @ Mitch Freeze: Thanks for the comment and the compliments. Borrow what you need. You enjoy yours. Peace.

  8. Grant,I actually didnt recognize you without the bird pic :”>
    Very nice pages and congrats on being one of the “top picks” 🙂

  9. Thanks, Missy Angel.

  10. Ok so to sound like everyone else who commented……..love the layout…….I LOVED the pics. Good luck with your new found fame……..not sure my profile is complete enough but feel free to check me out if you so desire………pay no mind to my blog though………I only ramble there! lol

  11. Grant, from what I’ve seen so far you could give most “pro” photographers a run for their money. This opinion is from someone who worked in a lab for 3 years making mediocre photographers appear much better than they were. You have an eye for the special. I too write on occasion. I’m looking forward to your work. Hope we can become better acquainted.

  12. @ Angela S: Your blog made me smile… so ramble away.

    @ JoyBug: You are too kind. I thank you. Feel free to critique what you see.

    — Grant

  13. Grant, I’m in agreement with everyone else when I say your writing is more than excellent. Your photography is great. Your photos are eye catching ,and you have great perception:)

  14. I have been to Paris several times. I think you have done a great job capturing the city in your photos. The segways look like fun!!

  15. @ Cassie: Such nice things to say. Thank you.

    @ Michelle S: Thank you. The Segways were a total blast… A highlight of the trip, no doubt.

    — Grant

  16. Hi… I am just starting on my site today *smiles* I was looking around and enjoyed your site. Thanks

  17. Welcome, Kelli A. And thanks for taking the time to visit and comment.

  18. Your photographs are beautiful!! …and that’s an understatement. For someone who calls himself an amateur you do a fantastic job. I work with professional photographers and your photos rank right up there with theirs! Great job!

  19. Wow, Sheri C., Thanks… I’m speechless.

    — Grant

  20. Hello again Grant, thank you for your kind reply to my earlier message. As Mitch said, Yahoo did a good job featuring your pages, and others too. It was indeed a good find and enjoyable tour. I only been to Paris twice, and that was 10 years ago. You brought back all those exciting memories of Paris. All the best in your work.


  21. Thanks, Maayan.

  22. I love how people that don’t ask for light, usualy get the most. Lol the only one so far that i have seen who is’nt glorifying it all to the point of 360 self love maddness.(excuse my spelling errors and me barging in)

  23. @ Trust_Me: I’m glad I can distinguish myself by not falling into “360 self love maddness.”

    Although, to be honest, it does have a strangely hypnotic appeal.

    — Grant

  24. Grant, found your 360 while updating my own… trying to figure it all out. As a newspaper writer/photographer, I run hot & cold with my own blogs…sometimes I’m just tired of writing when I get home…but you’re doing just fine… you make me feel a little lazy…lol… I’ll try to do better…ty… brosie09

  25. @ brosie09: Trying to figure out my blog? (Or did you mean 360?… Yeah, good luck with that… whichever one it was.) I can understand about being tired from work. I love what I do (computer geek,) but sometimes I don’t want to troubleshoot my home system when I get home. I just want to eat chips and watch “The Simpsons.”

    I make you feel lazy? Well, I guess my work here is done. ~blowing kisses~ Good night, folks. Drive home safely.

    Seriously though, I appreciate the comment very much.

    — Grant

  26. I also found your blog at the bottom of my home page – I love,love, love your Paris tour – the photos are beautiful – I usually just peek into other people’s blogs & quietly leave, but I had to comment! Looking forward to more pics!

  27. @ JazzMum: I like to lurk, too. It’s an honor to be valued by you as a comment-worthy blog. There will be more on Paris… 3 or 4 days worth. Lydia is ahead of me.

    — Grant

  28. My first day on Y! 360 and I’ve learned sooo much. Working on it little by little and then stumbled upon your page. WOW!! You seem to have a handle on all the options available, and how to utilize them to the fullest. I’ve yet to organize my thoughts for a blog, but I may just start to ramble and see what comes together. Who needs to be organized, anyway! Thanks for sharing.

  29. hello, i am a beginner as well in photography, i wonder if you can put some comments/suggestions for others. (btw- plz tell me what camera/devices you are using)

  30. @ Linda M: You have the right attitude about this whole blogging thing. “Progress, not perfection.”

    @ rajiv: I use a “point and shoot” Canon PowerShot A70. I have no advice for other photographers, except this: Take lots of pictures and emulate those of others that you like.

    — Grant

  31. omg …i loved ur tour, good luck on ur new found fame, feel free to read my blog, it’s only about as 1/2 as interesting as urs (if that)lol…i too write a bit and photograph some, but wow!!!! no where as good as this, take care and hope to connect w/ u soon, patricia

  32. Enjoying the stories and pics! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Very interesting reading & the pictures are fantastic. I have to admit, I love when you mention the Canada stuff…tim hortons, mississauga, rush, it’s all good eh? 🙂

  34. @ snowbunny: Thank, Patricia. I’ll pop over when I get a free moment.

    @ Syvett: You’re welcome. I still have more to post about Paris.

    @ WackyCanada: Oh beauty, eh? Glad you liked it. Now keep your toque on tight. 🙂

    — Grant

  35. It’s me again, DEDE. Great info from start to finish. Yahoo 360 should hire you! Let’s vote on it. Think about it and let me know.

  36. @ dede p: Hire me, huh? Intriguing. To do what?

  37. I like your page

  38. @ Karen: Thanks.

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