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Travel Day (Pittsburgh, through Philedelphia to Paris)
Image of the sign welcoming people to the Pittsburgh International Airport

Welcome to the Pittsburgh International Airport
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Read about each day:

  • Day 1: Arrival, Hotel, Eiffel Tower, Geocache
  • Day 2: Notre Dame, Deportation Memorial, Latin Quarter, Cluny Museum, Pantheon, Sainte-Chapelle, Bird Market, Eiffel Tower
  • Day 3: Segway Tour, Hôtel des Invalides
  • Day 4: Orsay, Rodin, and Army Museums, River Cruise, Geocache, Notre Dame (a la Nuit)
  • Day 5: La Défense, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, and the Louvre
  • Day 6: Château de Versailles
  • Day 7: Laundry, Marais Walking Tour, and Dinner
  • Day 8: Cité des Science & de L’industrie, La Tour Montparnasse, Geocaching, and Dinner
  • Day 9: Rue Cler, Basilique du Sacré Cœur, Montmartre, and Geocaching
  • Day 10: La Tour Eiffel, return to Pittsburgh

Friday, October 14

Lydia and I were sitting in the Pittsburgh airport a gate B32 waiting for the first leg of our trip to the city of lights. A friend of ours did us a huge favor by giving us a lift to the airport, a trip of about half an hour from our house. We arrived in plenty of time.

At the security bag check—we traveled with only carry-on for a 9-day trip—I was in front of Lydia in the line. After I got through the X-ray and metal detector ritual, I lost sight of where Lydia was. I just couldn’t see her anywhere. I imagined that she had been taken aside for a more thorough inspection or something. When I was just about to go back and ask about her, she appeared.

As it turned out, she had to cram her purse into one of her carry-on bags and the exercise had delayed her and put her in another line. After the little drama, we made out way to the terminal. Since we had more than an hour and a half before boarding, we grabbed a light dinner at TGI Friday’s.

We waited for our flight to be called as the sun dropped in the sky. The next time it rose for us we were in Paris.

Read more about our trip on Lydia’s blog.

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