September 09, 2005 – Cyan Worlds lays off most of its staff   Leave a comment

And then there were two…
Front page for Cyan Worlds

This is sad news, and not only if you are a fan of the Myst series of computer games.

It is also sad because it reflects the growing appetite for violence that consumers and people in general are developing. Like already obese people who can’t tear themselves away from the all-you-can-eat buffet, we just can’t seem to satiate our craving for blood, gore, and death. As a result, computer games that are rich with atmosphere, story, and mental challenge are rejected in favor of “shoot ’em ups.”

I find this not only sad, but unnerving as well. Gradually, our tolerance for violence, if not our desire for it, is being nudged up slowly and painlessly until I’m frightened of where it will lead. How long before we can tune in to televised public executions?

Yet, no one is obliged to drift passively with the flow. We can each make a personal choice that shows we are not willing to slide along with everyone else into the mire of this world. And we can draw hope for improvement from a higher source.

In the end, how we entertain ourselves is a personal choice, regardless of what others choose to do. Yet, that doesn’t mean that all alternatives are equally beneficial or healthy. As with so many other choices in life, if we inform ourselves and reflect on the consequences, we will do well.

— Grant


Posted Friday, September 9, 2005 by Grant in Random

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