June 22, 2005 – Voice of the Steelers Retires   1 comment

Myron Cope leaves the room after his news conference announcing his retirement at the Steeler offices on the South Side Tuesday June 21, 2005.
Robin Rombach, Post-Gazette

Myron Cope, the Pittsburgh Steeler’s enthusiastic radio analyst for 35 years, announced his retirement Tuesday.

The Post-Gazette ran this article: Cope quits; admits he’s lost his edge

I think that this quote sums things up:

And Cope has shoes that can’t be filled, no matter what direction the broadcasts go in the future.

“There will never be another Cope,” [Joe] Gordon[, the former director of media relations for the Steelers] said. “There’s no cookie cutter here. There’s only one Cope.”

Here is the article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Voice of Steelers silenced (In my view, a needlessly sensational headline which might lead you to suspect the poor guy had died.)

Yet, I did like this excerpt from the article:

Steelers backers habitually would turn down the network telecast and turn up Cope, who excitedly peppered his stammering chatter with expressions such as “Yoi!” “Double Yoi!” and “Zounds!”

This is so true. Even grafted-in Pittsburghers, like my wife and I, would do this. The sweetness of a victory was enhanced and the bitterness of a defeat softened by Myron’s enthusiastic and colorful banter. He was such fun to listen to.

Of course, all things change and I wish Myron well in retirement, but I will miss the voice of the Steelers.

— Grant


Posted Wednesday, June 22, 2005 by Grant in Random

One response to “June 22, 2005 – Voice of the Steelers Retires

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  1. I was sorry, too, to read of his retirement. He certainly cannot be replaced.

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