April 23, 2005 – At Work on a Saturday   2 comments

Boredom envelopes
Frustration terrorizes
Such is server work


I normally work a 9-5, M-F schedule. Typical office hours. But this weekend I’m doing a long overdue server upgrade. Right now, I am preparing some files to be backed up before I perform the upgrade. This will let me recover and back out should something go wrong.

So, while I wait for that, I am listening to music (on my iPod) and writing here.

The weather today is cloudy with rain off and on. They are forecasting cold and possible snow showers this evening. C’mon! It’s the end of April. On a happier note, our Japanese cherry tree is in full bloom. The spectacular display of pink blossoms doesn’t last long, so we try to take pictures each year. One of this year’s pictures is posted above. That’s our house to the right.

A few years ago, Lydia got me a dwarf peach tree. When I planted it, it looked more like a small branch that had fallen off a tree. I didn’t have high hopes for growth or life for that matter. I nick-named the stick, “Peach Twig.”

Peach Twig is doing fantastically. This year he put forth about a dozen blossoms for the first time. There are two main branches off the trunk with a gizzillion leaves. He’s looking very healthy. Peach Twig is supposed to produce fruit, but it might take another year or two.

Overall the garden looks healthy, but one of the rhododendrons looks sick. Hopefully it will recover, but the insects might have done too much damage. Her sister looks fine, though.

Well, I’m going to go check on the server.


— Grant


Posted Saturday, April 23, 2005 by Grant in Random

2 responses to “April 23, 2005 – At Work on a Saturday

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  1. “Boredom”? Thats looks like a beautiful scene.

  2. Yes… but that’s my house and the Japanese Cherry tree I mentioned. I was at work when i wrote that… see the problem, now. 🙂

    — G

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